ProNagger is changing the productivity and the goal achievement space by combining new school accountability (Nagging) and motivational styles with a special emphasis on evolutionary psychology, the creative process and PRM, perfectionist reduction method.

Is this you?

1. You’re feeling frustrated with your productivity levels and want to move a project along at a good and healthy pace.

2. You would like to take full advantage of your natural motivational tendencies, energy cycles, and your learning, and creating styles.

3.  You want your actions to align with your values.

4.  You would love to feel on top of things almost all of the time.

5. You don’t feel like you can take time for an unexpected phone call or have a relaxing lunch date with an out of town friend.

6. You want to end each day feeling satisfied and proud of not only what you accomplished but how you went about doing your work.

7. You want almost every day to feel full and rewarding.

8. You don’t want to feel like a working machine.

9. You want to feel like a human who’s actions create things that serve others and the world.

10  You’re not afraid to create greatness! Okay, you are afraid but you know you’ve got greatness in you and it’s itching to come out.


“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need what ProNagger offers!” –  New York Times Bestselling Author, Barbara Sher


If you have been asking or saying…

• I want to write a book….But you have yet to actually write one

• I need help motivating

• who can help me figure out how to finish my dissertation

• who can help me write a book

…Then it’s time to turn wanting into doing with a 30 Minute Nag Session.

email Rachel at for information. You can even call and ask question 734-395-3251 M-F 9AM EST – 6PM EST

You’ll want to ask about the 30 Minute Nag Session for sure…Setting-up your appointment is all that stands in the way of finishing your book, dissertation or other creative projects!)

When people work with a Professional Nag:

their book gets written

their PhD gets finished

their papers get published

they lose the weight

they find the husband

they travel to India – in 90 days or less.

What would you like to do next:

• End the frustration right now by signing-up for a 30 Minute Nagging session.

• Get on my mailing list so you can learn how to create what you want and finish what you start.

I saw myself cripple myself, and I can spot how you’re doing it to yourself in less than a minute.  I know 101 ways you can shoot yourself in the foot, and I know how to help you stop doing it and create that thing you want so badly.  What do you want?  A book? A business?  An adventure? What’s your hearts desire?  I’m going to show you how  to make it happen in your life, right now, starting today.


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“The hard work and long hours are done. Yippeeeeeee! All 16 lessons in the e-learning course are written. Thank you, Rachel! Once again, you made all the difference between shipping and jumping ship.”   –  Patty Newbold, Author and Speaker

”Good news, I got the grant I applied for. It was rejected once before. So I’m so happy. Thank you so much for all your help!”   –  T. Okimusanyo, Research Scientist

“Hey Nag-  I wanted you to see my movie Roger and to notice you’re in the credits. Thanks for ProNagger, without which, Roger would still be slogging along…”   – Documentarian Patti Cassidy, Writer/Director of The Ballad of Baby Roger

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