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My clients create the results they want. Period. They publish books, finish dissertations, slip into their skinny jeans, and get tenure. If you are ready to reach for your dreams in 2017 but don’t exactly have a great track record for these things, you’re in the right place. Welcome to ProNagger; where you discover your motivational style, be offered the opportunity to end the painful cycle of procrastination and perfectionism to create results. Lots of results!

About Rachel

Hi there, I’m Rachel Z. Cornell, aka The Pro-Nagger. My expertise focuses on ending procrastination and perfectionism to help people see results.

Did you know procrastination and perfectionism are most common among intelligent and innovative people? It’s no wonder I tend to attract academics, authors, and independent professionals.

Are you procrastinating on projects which would transform your life if you finished them? For example, what about your article? It could be what’s standing between you and huge amounts of professional success, satisfaction, and even tenure. You know if you finish that book, you’re going to advance your career and be able to inspire more people. And if you finish your dissertation, you’re going to have more earning power. In all of these cases, you will feel a huge sense of satisfaction for finishing such substantial projects. But you’re not finishing.

For years you have been telling yourself to just do it. You don’t do it. Instead, you look up productivity hacks, try creating a routine, and join writing groups. But nothing helps.

Not really. Not for very long. Usually, the only way you get yourself to work or hit send is to become so frustrated and mad at yourself you do something.

Soon enough, though, you’re head-first down the research hole, re-re-re-editing, scrubbing the kitchen floor (with a toothbrush) or extinguishing an “important” fire in your department. You wonder “what’s wrong with me?” There is nothing wrong with you. I repeat…”There is nothing wrong with you.”

Most people try to motivate themselves using methods that don’t work for them. Real power comes when you know your motivational triggers and continue to motivate yourself even when you’re in a deep slump.

The ProNagger method isn’t focused on more-faster-better but on meaningful success…With a good night’s sleep!

So, do you need to finish (or start) your book, launch your product, finish your article or dissertation to create the kind of respect, satisfaction and rewarding success you know is possible?

Do you want some training and coaching to become consistently productive, get more results and forever move the trajectory of your life in the direction you long it to go? If you’re in, right now is the time to make it happen. Your first step: Uncover your unique motivational style. Subscribe to my mailing list and I’ll guide you through the process. When you know your motivational style, you will be armed with the fuel to convert your dream into a reality. I see my clients creating alchemy all the time. Don’t you want that same level of deep satisfaction that comes from doing something you didn’t fully believe you had it in you to do? Warmly, Rachel PS: Are you in a white-hot panic? If you have to finish something RIGHT NOW and don’t have the luxury of discovering your motivational style, we can deal with your style later. You want to GO HERE and deal with your immediate problem.


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