On Monday mornings I like to ask my clients the following question, “By the end of the day on Friday what would you like to say you have created?” It’s a good way to take 5 slices from a larger project and isolate them into a week. It’s especially useful when you’re at risk of feeling overwhelmed by a sizable endeavor. Asking yourself the above question will help you focus your attention. It can also improve motivation because you have a short, reachable goal in front of you, and not some huge, seemingly impossible, project to try and understand.

Next you want to test and tweak your commitment.

Go backward from the close on Friday to decide what you’ll want to do each day. This is the first way to know if you can reach Friday’s goals. BE REALISTIC. Change your commitment to better reflect the week you have in front of you if you need to. When you do this backward planning, first put everything down on your calendar that you know is likely to happen. Appointments, work hours, planned events, and so on. How does your goal for the week fit now? It should feel possible.

Warning signs that your commitment requires tweaking:

You’re experiencing a New Year’s resolution sensation. If, for example, you’re telling yourself, “This is the week I start the 200 calorie a day raw food diet,” you’ll want to rework your intentions.
You feel deflated before you even start. This could mean what you want to create is not clear enough or it’s too large or too scary.
You are already considering skipping today. If you are already figuring you’ll just double up your efforts tomorrow, you have a problem. You might feel like you can’t succeed or you’re used to failing and are already setting yourself up to mess up again. Don’t go there. It’s better to make a stupidly small goal and succeed than it is to set yourself up to fail again. Strengthen your success muscle! For you, accountability will be very useful.

Share your answer to the questions, “By the end of the day on Friday what would you like to say you have created?”  If you place your answer in the comments below, I will gladly review it and help you tweak it if you want.

Here’s to a great week!


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