KNOW: The Nag

“For some reason, being legally blind has given me superpowers to see through all the things that can hold you back & straight on through to your success.”

Rachel Z. Cornell grew from an insecure quitter to become the first legally blind visual artist to receive an MFA from the University of Michigan. Cornell enjoyed a successful career as a professional artist, showing her work throughout the US and in Berlin before changing courses to become the Professional Nag.

As a graduate student instructor at the University of Michigan, she developed and taught the interdisciplinary course, How to Create Your Life. This planted the seed of Cornell’s road-tested methodology which became her own thriving business, ProNagger. Thanks to Cornell her clients create what they want and finish what they start.

New York Times Best Selling Author Barbara Sher says, “Rachel is the most skilled motivator I’ve seen in my 40+ years of working with groups and individuals. I have never seen anyone who was as skilled a natural motivator as Rachel Cornell, also known as ProNagger. She’s funny and she’s kind, but all the same, Rachel gets people to move like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Rachel gets you into action and, even more amazing, to stay in action until you reach goals beyond your wildest dreams.”



A set-back or disability will not cripple you. Only your thinking can do that. — Rachel Z. Cornell

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