#TuesdayToss is all about  lighten your holdings (stuff)  by three items. There are few as qualified as  Andrew J. Mellen, author of the recently released book “Unstuff Your Life!: Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Transform Your Life for Good” to offer up today’s toss tip. Here’s what Andrew suggests for today:

Just for today, identify three things that you’re done with that you could easily let go.

Don’t fret about the stuff that’s still too charged with feelings, they can wait. Today is about freedom, and that includes freedom from shame or guilt.

So find those items and send ’em packing — either into the recycling bin, off to a resale store or if need be, into the trash.

And then to acknowledge your success, instead of buying another THING (or three), treat yourself to an experience today that you would normally view as extravagant.

Two rules: you can’t create debt to do it (cash/debit/check only), and it shouldn’t hurt you (nothing that will create regret). Otherwise, the experience can be anything — a spot in a garage, a gourmet cup of coffee, something ridiculously delicious, a massage — but something you’d normally deny yourself.

And this is the flip side of shame and guilt — granting yourself permission to actually enjoy life as it happens.

It doesn’t matter whether the expense is fifty cents or $50 — allow yourself to celebrate making different choices and the impact they can have on your life. Because today you took three more steps towards liberation.

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