Are you having “one of those days?” You know what I’m talking about. The upstairs toilet explodes. Explodes! Literally explodes. Two steps forward, dozens back; the battery won’t even take a jump which makes you too late for the appointment you’ll be charged for because you didn’t give a 24 hour notice of cancellation…As if you could know ahead of time your battery would die! You spilled your hot coffee. You spilled your hot coffee down the front of your white linen shirt minutes before your big presentation. Nice.

Unless you’re experiencing a true crisis, and I know you know what a true crisis feels like, try to… lean back and laugh.

Lean way back, lean waaaay back and give that dead battery, the damn 24 hour cancellation policy and whatever pain-in-the-butt situation you have going on a “I can not believe this is happening” laugh of disbelief. Call a girlfriend if you need help getting to irony, but get there.

If there is anything you can do about the situation, tend to it. Ask for support if it’s too hot a potato to go it alone. If there’s nothing you can do, pitch a fit if needed, then laugh…Lean back and laugh. Whatever nonsense happened today, you’re still alive. We’re glad you’re here, and who knows what tasty goodness you might get to deal with next!

Did you have “one of those days” today? What about the one for the record books? Do you have a story about “one of those days” that you won’t soon forget? How I would love to hear that story! Share the insanity in the comments, exaggerate the details if you want. Exaggerating is known to stimulate the humor glands. Very good for you. Share. We could all use a good laugh! I know I could!

You could even consider it your good deed of the day by sharing your little piece of mayhem.

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