“Rachel, can you remind me what your tip ‘make it work’ is about…or rather how it works, I forgot…”

Sure thing. I’ll tell you both what it’s about and how to apply it. First, I borrowed the phrase “make it work” from fashion consultant Tim Gunn, who says those words to his designers in the television program Project Runway.
In the program, the contestants compete with each other to create the best garments. They are restricted in time, materials and theme. Their efforts are revealed to judges each week in a runway show. It doesn’t matter if a sleeve has to be hot glued to a model’s arm, when the time is up designers have to send their work down the runway. No matter what.

When you do a “make it work” round with your own project you want to remember to set tight parameters. Have something that must be done within a restricted amount of time. Depending on the project you choose you might want to also hold yourself to one topic, 3 colors, or one character in one scene. When the timer dings…your work goes down the runway. If you have threads hanging, too bad… “make it work.”

What project could you try a “make it work” round with?