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I’m listening to a book right now. I’m not going to tell you who the author is or the title because as of yet she’s not said anything I would want you to know about. I read (listen) to every kind of book I can get my hands on. I want to know the advice that’s being shared about anything and everything that might help me help you create what you want. The topics I read and study travel many disciplines. I love that because I have a curious brain and there’s a lot of stuff you and I can use to motivate you. This book, thus far, has non of that stuff.

Early in the book she said, “be positive” and went on to give the sucky advice that the person who is positive and nice is the person who will succeed. Nice is good, I guess, but there are days that nice doesn’t work or isn’t in you. I’m kind by nature but sometimes, “nice” isn’t going to help my client. And be positive. What awful advice. BE YOU. Yah, I encourage you to consider three things you’re grateful for each day but because there is research suggesting doing so will up your happiness-tude within a month. But DON’T fake positive. The gap between how you really feel and the feeling you’re telling yourself you’re suppose to have will be the BS which will drive you crazy. And probably in a worse mood yet. Because when you realize…Oh crap…Not positive….You’ll wonder what’s wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you!

Instead of being positive, be real. Or do something that works to power you up for a situation. And one more thing that chaps me…If this author is going to tell you to do something, she needs to tell you how.

For example how about pointing a reader in the direction of Amy ?’s TED talk on power posing and how it is now understood that shifting your physiology can shift your state of mind because you’re literally feeding the brain the chemistry for that shift
to happen. Or I’ve even read that holding a pencil between your teeth, which forces you to engage the muscles used for smiling but bolster the mood because of the chemical release from the physical act of smiling. That’s real shit. Be positive is BULL sh…

She said start the day positive. Hell, I started the day a bit anxious. I’m at my father’s house, starting to shop for assisted living situations for him. My best friend’s mother just lit into her last night, accusing her of taking her off her pain meds so she will die sooner. In reality, my friend would gladly keep her mother on the medications and even lobbied her mother’s doctors to allow for it. So positive. Not. And will my attitude make me less effective today? Nope. No. The piss and vinegar in me right now might help me be more effective. I pity the client who tries to lobby for an excuse today!

So what did you learn here?

(6:40 AM) I’m done with this sloppy first draft. I will ask Linda to add a image to the draft just cause it makes it nicer for you and I can use it if I turn this into a post.