Because I Know You Can

BE: Accountable

Welcome to ProNagger’s Accountability Chat, a free service to help you stay on task.

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This chat is something you can IMMEDIATELY turn to whenever you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed or isolated. Something that will help you to salvage your day or mood from a slide into the mud pit.


It’s a place where you can IMMEDIATELY get RELIEF and BE PRODUCTIVE with SUPPORT!

What we know at ProNagger is that there are two things that help when you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed or isolated…SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

What some of the users of the chat have said:
The chat has been my dissertation life saver!

The chat helps me motivate. -Aj

I don’t think I would have gotten a thing done today without it.  – SW

The chat keeps me focused – I’m easily sidetracked – and it’s also a record of the amount of time things take.  -Rose

It feels good to “woot” other people! -Rose

It motivates me to see others do their tasks -K

Important: This page is like a drive-thru. Make your commitments and then go do them.