Leonardo_da_Vinci_helicopter_and_lifting_wingYesterday I talked about the creative process in a nuts and bolts way. I
gave you an opportunity to try an exercise. In that exercise you saw
that you already possessed the skills to use the creative process at
will. If you tried the exercise, you know you can think up an idea and
bring that thought into fruition exactly as you imagined it. Big stuff

Now you know you’re the owner of a magic wand called the creative
process. More importantly, you know the fundamentals for operating your
wand. Why, you’re a regular Harry Potter. Just like Harry though, you
have to learn how to wield your wand. As a young wizard, accuracy
matters, even if it isn’t achieved. This is as true for Harry as it is
for you and your creativity wand.

As I’ve already said, I think it’s really important for you to have an
idea and be able to create it into reality EXACTLY as you experienced it
in your minds eye. Consciously having that experience is remarkably

Then I can deviate, right? Well, deviation isn’t exactly what it appears
to be. Many artists seem to be chronically in and comfortable with being
in the state of “what will this be when I’m done with it?” Seemly
deviating from some vague idea they had right from the start.

Don’t be fooled. Artists simply have developed a higher level of
processing. A lot of artists are simply highly-skilled micro-processors,
so to speak.
An artist will think, then do (same as anyone involved in the creative
process). Then they consider and evaluate. Then they will go and think
and then do again. Then they consider and evaluate again. An artist
immersed in the creative process can rapidly cycle like this for hours
and hours, until they step back and say, “I’m done.”

Can you see how this process works? Would you be able to think of times
in your life that you have been actively involved in this process? When?

Some of us have a hard time with that “done” part I just mentioned. Does
that sound like you? We’ll talk more about that tomorrow. I might want
to go over, in more detail, the “consider and evaluate” parts of the
creative process. Would that be helpful to anyone?


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