I had a message all ready for you. I clicked a button and….Poof….Wait…What?! Where’s my post? Post? Post? &*^$# &^%$(!!!! &^$( @$%©¥ˆˆ©ƒ, and so on.


A sniper

Yes, after I deleted everything, I had a little hissy-fit and seriously considered bagging it. But for the most part, I show up. That’s because of the Sniper Training my girlfriend Patty N turned me on to.

Snipers work in uncomfortable (to say the least), sleep deprived, tedious, scary, hot or cold and often close to unbearable situations. It doesn’t matter if a training sniper is hungry or tired or afraid or has dry socks on. Their job requires them to be level-headed and do their work under the worst of conditions. It makes sense then that training isn’t in a climate controlled peace-filled environment. They are more likely to be training belly in the dirt or 20 feet up a tree without any sleep.

Every time an email implodes, or I spend a night awake, trying to find the cool side of the pillow I tell myself it’s time to get up and Sniper Train. It’s become short hand for showing-up when showing up isn’t my first choice or isn’t easy to do. I can’t say I look forward to Sniper Training but I do see situations like today’s as “growth opportunities.” Fortunately for you and I training isn’t life and death. The challenge is comparatively minor and more times than not it’s mostly about withstanding the discomfort being creating by our own mental states. Which is another argument for mindfulness meditation…But that topic is for another note. I want to go save this and send it to you so I don’t have to Sniper Train any more today.