So you have this big fat ugly thing you need to deal with. Instead of letting the big fat ugly consume your day and your spirit, “box it up” and move on. This will not work for all situations, of course, but when it applies, it can save the day!

Commit to an amount of time, or a couple of tasks that you can do today toward the elimination of the ugly. Once you have completed your agreed commitment for the day. Put the ugly, mentally, way in it’s box. Shelf it, and get on with other things. You have taken action, you are handling the issue, you now have permission to move on, guilt free! Ahhhhhh.

A “big ugly” is a great thing to deal with using the Bookending Chat to make your. If you haven’t familiarized  yourself with this tool, do check it out.

If the big ugly is REALLY big, REALLY ugly and it scares you to death…Take the smallest of steps. Get the the step that you can say, “I can do that.” Maybe it’s spend 5 minutes looking for the paper work. Writing down one phone number, writing a list of people you will need to talk with.