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FitBit Showdown


Ready for some fun support? Then you’re ready for a little friendly competition! Sign-up for today’s FitBit Showdown and compete with fellow walkers.

There are two easy ways to participate.

1. Go to your FitBit dashboard and invite me by email to become a friend. My email address is Rachel at ProNagger .com Once I get you’re request I’ll accept and get you in the days showdown.


2. In the subject line of the form below type I’M IN! and today’s day of the week, for example, “I’M IN! Monday”

Once I get your information I will be connecting with you on FitBit.  I’ll send you an email via FitBit that you will accept. Then I’ll add you to the challenge.

Please see rules written by FitBit below contact form.

Your Name (required)

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Your Message


play nice in the sandbox. I’m am offering the opportunity to compete with other walkers as a way to motivate you and I. I am not asking for any fees or anything from you. You will not be automatically placed on my mailing list.

Both the image and the rules are screen shots from the FitBit iPhone app.

Let’s take a walk.