Have you hit a speed bump in your writing? You don’t know what to say, what subject to address, or how to communicate a difficult concept? Your novel has stalled and you don’t know if your character should fork over the bucks or pull out the Glock and off the jeweler. You are, shall we say…Stuck.

Photo by Peter Alfred Hess

Photo by Peter Alfred Hess

Take your hands off the keyboard. It’s going to be okay, and by the time you’re done reading this post, you’re going know exactly what to write. You will have the “write” answers. Here’s how.

Open an email to a friend, support buddies (which is what I’ve done in the example below), or even to yourself. This technique works best if you are writing an actual email to someone, though. Tell them what’s going on, how you’re frustrated, and then start to explain what ideas you have. Watch what happens. You will, in almost every case, “write” your answers. At some point in the email, you’ll have what you’ve been looking for.

Below is a REAL, completely unedited (aside from spelling) example I was writing to my two Achievement buddies Patty and Beth. I’ve taken nothing out of this note so you can see how this process works.

Hey Patty and Beth,
I decided to go all in and do The Ultimate Blog Challenge this go- around. It starts tomorrow. I’m going to need to finish my first post tonight so Eileen has time to clean it up. Interestingly, I’m not exactly sure what to open with, hence this note. I had the idea, as I started writing this email, that maybe I can open with a piece about support. How having support ups your odds of success. This could also give me an opportunity to talk about my pet topic, support vs. rescuing. Support is omega 3s, leafy greens, and nutritious; rescuing is a sun-burned egg salad sandwich. Geez, are all the metaphors and analogies FOOD related? I have issues. I think I need to expand my repertoire.

Anyway….. Here’s what I could say. I could talk about the support system I have and how it makes it much more likely that I’ll be able to succeed in this challenge. You guys, Matthew, my editing goddess… I could also talk about how this may have looked in the past. When I didn’t have support and when I was more likely to ask to have someone bail me out. How rescuing robs you of your success and is a thief not only of esteem but the experiences of enjoying rewarding relationships. Support, on the other hand, buoys and expands relationships. I think there’s something here. Hmmmm….

WAIT….Duh! I think I’ve just written the bloody post!! THIS email, what I’ve been writing, can be an example of how to find the “write” answers! There it is “WRITE” in front of my face…lol. I’ll just use this note (now I want to read it over) as an example of how it’s done. Wheee….I can spend the rest of tonight with my sweetie. Who, by the way, is having a back spasm and can hardly move. Glad it didn’t happen last week! The poor guy is in a lot of pain, wish I knew what would help.

Thanks guys! I should be able to have this post up some time Sunday late afternoon.


So, as you can see, I found the write answers. And I got to tell you about how you can find the write answers too. Isn’t that cool?

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Is it time to find the Write Answers?