hazmat guyToday’s Sloppy 1st Draft is going to be even more disjointed than usual because 1. I waited to late in the day to write (tired brain syndrome). 2. I want to express the link between reality TV’s winner-take-all effect on the achievement behavior of our up and coming generations and in a similar, but I’m not sure same vain, what I’m calling the “The EPIC Epidemic™”

A matter of fact, let’s start with that because I saw it again today. Someone wrote, “Live and create at an epic level in everything you do!!!” NO! DON’T. Stop it! You are going to burnout before noon. Tooth brushing, grocery shopping, and diaper changing doesn’t need to be epic!” Do you want an epic zit? Or flu? That sounds bad. Please take a breath my flashy, achievement driven, frenetic, soon to crash friend. It’s actually okay, sometimes even valuable to recognize you don’t have to be all that and a bag of chips. You can be the perfectly imperfect shinny human that you are. Each day wake to see if you can create a little better version of yourself and identify how you can best be of service.

It’s not your job to decide the effect your contribution will have. Or care if it’s big or small, epic or epic-less. You may never know. It is simply your job to contribute where we feel driven to do so.

End of writing time for today. I would love to hear your thoughts as I shape this idea.