cutting-ribbonShout it out:
You’re standing on a beach. Waves are crashing and the gulls are gulling. There’s a person down the shore a bit, almost…almost out of ear shot. Imagine you have to scream the information in your work to them. What points are most important for them to hear? There’s no way they’ll be able to hear all that you have to say, so whittle it down to what’s most important for them to catch before they walk completely out of hearing range. There…Keep the stuff you would yell, cut the rest.

Draw it out:
Not into yelling on the beach? Then imagine the person you’re trying to communicate information to is deaf or hard of hearing. Imagine instead that you need to get the points across to them by writing with a stick in the sand. You’re bound to cut to the chase for both your sakes.

Do you have any suggestions on how to shorten a presentation or piece of writing?