I wrote in my journal yesterday about what I’ve been calling our pilot light. I like to think that there is this spark that is set within us upon our first breath. If there is a Divine source, I  think this spark surely is a part of that energy. If this spark inside of us IS our full potential, it is nothing and can become nothing without our taking action. It simply flickers in anticipation of a greater purpose. 

I ask then, why is it so hard to ignite and tend that greater purpose? Are we afraid we’ll burn down the house?I think that is exactly what we’re afraid of. If we “light-up” then the house will go down. I say, let the house burn down. It’s an old house. It was built around us as children. The walls are impregnated with the voices of nay sayers. Let it burn. Once it’s down, there will be nothing whatsoever to choke your flame.

Roar on.