Chew on this…

What if you actually finished everything you started?

Would your life be any different?

Would you have more health, wealth and r-r-r-romance? And would you have more confidence to pursue even bigger ideas?

Ummm…. Yes and Yes and Yes and YES!

Here are the universal problems… most of us struggle or get mired down in our projects, drop them altogether for something prettier, get lost in the details, or simply poop out in the middle, and NEVER benefit from our ideas because we never finish.

What if I could teach you how to finish what you start AND give you methods to insure you actually apply what you learn? How different would your life lookif you knew that you would finish what you started? Would your book be done? Would you have a thriving business, or be zipping up skinny jeans, looking pretty at your ideal weight? Think about it.

While you’re thinking, check out Marie Forleo’s Q & A Tuesday video where she talks about follow-through. Delivered in her trademark honey and funk style are three useful tips. We’ll be breaking down each of these points and putting big fat dirt bike tires on them. I don’t know if that analogy really works but I like how it sounds so it stays.  I mean to say, I want to make sure the points are sturdy and something you use and can count on. Something like that.

Marie asks, What’s the single most effective strategy you’ve used to stay focused and follow-through?

What works, what hasn’t, and where you still struggle.