“Kiss Your Procrastination GOODBYE and Get Ready For A SERIOUS Productivity Boost!”

You probably know the dreaded feeling all too well…

It’s another workday and once again, your motivation and productivity is lackluster at best.

Or maybe you’ve had that one NAGGING task at hand that you need to do or want to do…but keep conveniently putting it off.


That ends today…

Enter: Mojo Nag

Mojo Nag is a simple service that gets you moving forward in your life, doing the tasks or things you dream of doing, and finally setting yourself free to do the things you want and to create more FREEDOM. Period.

“Most skilled motivator I’ve seen in 40 years.”
“In my 40+ years of working with people, I have never seen anyone who was as skilled a natural motivator as Rachel Cornell, also known as ProNagger. She’s funny and she’s kind, but all the same, Rachel gets people to move like nothing I’ve ever seen.”
“When it comes to working your plan, Rachel gets you moving and, even more amazing, keeps you moving until you reach goals beyond your wildest dreams.”
“I’ve referred dozens of people to Rachel as private clients and every one has come back singing her praises. If you get a chance to work with her in one of her ‘Intensives,’ do it now. She’s sure to be charging a lot more as word gets around.”
Barbara Sher, Best-selling author of Refuse to Choose: A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything You Love and Wishcraft – How to Get What You Really Want

The truth is … time is not kind to dreams.


Six months from now, do you want to be the person living the dream … or dreaming about what you might do, someday, maybe? Do you want to keep coming home each day, frustrated because you’re no closer to your heart’s desire than you were the day before?
There’s no reason why you can’t turn every day into an energy-efficient dream machine.
Wouldn’t it be nice to …
√ Feel you’re in charge of your life
√ Have a fun, effective strategy for action
√ Feel productive and empowered TODAY….RIGHT NOW!
√ stop carrying around a stack of unfinished “To Do” lists
Mojo-Nag is A SERIOUS Productivity Boost!”
The Mojo-Nag adds rocket fuel to your day!
ProNagger’s Mojo-Nag works!With a Mojo-Nag you can deal with roadblocks and resistance immediately, as they arise in real time.NOW

Here’s how it works:

Mojo-Nag begins with your reply to a couple of mojo-inducing questions.

We set a time to talk, by phone of skype for a focused 15-20 minute planning session. By the time we’re done talking you will know what to do and how to do it.

The session will unleash your creative power and give you confidence that you can achieve goals that seem impossible.

The call will be recorded so you can listen as often as you like.

That’s not all. I wouldn’t leave you like a cooked potato without any salt and butter. Oh nooooo.

For the REST OF THE DAY (until 7PM ET) you get to check-in directly with your Nag. These check-ins are called bookends because they are done on either side of an action.

Here’s what one client said about bookends:
“Such a clever technique, these bookends. It’s like duct-taping my butt to the chair and hiding my browser.”– Patty Newbold, Author of AssumeLove.com, Top Ten Marriage Blog 2010 and 2011
Mojo-Nag Uses The Pro-Nagger Road-Tested System f Creating Results In Your Business, Career and Life
Now, for the first time, I am offering this proven process in a Nag-on-demand format. I’m getting LOTS of requests for my special brand of nagging and I want to see everyone reach their dreams, quickly and comfortably, the way my clients do. You will benefit from my system AND from the energy of getting Nagged right when you need it – so you will have access to what you need when you need it.

Fire Up Your Energy:

Your experience begins as soon as you sign up. You will be newly energized as you get closer to what you really want and begin to replace what you’ve outgrown.
“Okay, Rachel! I’m in. What’s my investment?”

How much is it worth to achieve your goal – finish today strong. Feel deeply proud of yourself?


Frankly, I don’t know of any other service comparable to The Mojo-Nag. You will find many programs, coaches ,and gurus offering goal-setting, time management, and even life planning.
The Mojo-Nag, is different. To be 100% honest, it’s what I would want if I had to roll over a slump, get at a scary or crummy project or just wanted to super charge my day. I would buy a Mojo-Nag in a heartbeat! I would buy a Mojo-Nag over a spa treatment, because I know the pride I would feel after a day getting Mojo-ed would last a lot longer than a back rub!
To give you an idea of ProNagger’s fees, an hourlong consult with the Nag is $347. For your 15 min. Mojo-Nag
You get –
Your own, on-demand, focused, one-on-one shot in the arm!
Recording of the the conversation
Bonus: Special insider discounts on future Nag goods and services
“BUT WAIT, There’s MORE” (yes, I really said..”but wait there’s more…because there really is!)
That’s right, until this clock runs out, you can select your price from the menu. Pay what you can, get the Nagging you need!

COUNTDOWN WIDGETIt’s important that you get what you need from this and every product or service at ProNagger. We offer a no-risk money back guarantee.

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