“I’m up, help me make the bed.” I was surprised, but I did as I was told and pulled the sheets up and set the pillows right. Why, I wondered, are we doing this? Is this really worth the energy? She must have read my mind because she looked up from fixing the comforter and said, “You make the bed. When you get up to start the day, you make the bed.” I saw the grace in her conviction and a galaxy of truth in her action.

She, my mother, passed away a little over a week after that moment in her bedroom.

“Make the bed” has become shorthand for showing up. It means claim your place in the rhythm of the day. If I indulge too long in whining about something, my husband just has to look at me and say, “make the bed” to make me stop.

Make the bed means, regardless of your situation, You’re going to be involved in life. You’re shifting away from the bed and into the world.

Tell me, will you make the bed today?

•Post inspired by Tuesday’s Ultimate Blog Challenge prompt by Roy A. Ackerman – http://cerebrations.biz
•Nope. That is not my mum & I in that picture