A picture of the Helix nebulaThis post might read like I’ve gone off topic. But I haven’t. These thoughts govern much of what I do. It’s a little strange. And I’m worried I might turn you off by writing it. Given it is a part of my philosophy though, I may as well start to figure out how to lay my cards down. S1stD seems like the place to take my first stab at giving voice to these thoughts.

Fear of judgment or losing someone I care about has held me from talking about my still developing concepts.

Fear follows me everywhere though, especially when I take a risk, so here goes nothing.

I function under that hypothesis that we are all a part of a whole. If there is a God of some sort, then we are part of the divine’s circulatory or respiratory system. I think that today, this moment in the life of the universe is the 8th day. On the 8th Day of Creation – We Create. That’s the title of the book I want to write. This would not be a book about religion. The judeo-christian creation myth is simply a handy metaphor for what I would like to express. And what I want to express concerns what I think our responsibility is. To create. Yah, create. Create as if we were an idea producing, acting hands of God.

What is the very first line in the Torah? What does God do right from the start? Genisis1 – “In the beginning God created…” God created! That’s very cool. God gets and idea and them makes something out of it. Some heaven. Some earth. It looks good, so God does some more creating.

On the 7th day God takes a break from a busy week of making things then what? What’s next? Is that it? God goes on holiday? How about an 8th day? The day that God big bangs to pieces and becomes a powdery dust that’s sprinkled into all things. This is the day that God imbues us with God. And in so doing, imbues the same sacred power to create within our being. We become the hands of grace and now we create. What does this mean? It means you and I have a responsibility and what we choose to make matters. You are the worker bee for and with a holy spirit. And you have a job to do. Whatever thing it is you have a desire to create you are responsible to do what you can to make it real.

If, under the assumption I’m choosing to explore, we are a working cog in the system of a divine greater good, shouldn’t you also be thoughtful in our actions? Under this sensibility, you can see you have been gifted with a power to create, shouldn’t you 1, use it and 2, use it the service of a greater good?

This premise motivates me. Admittedly, I wonder how our so very tiny tinny collective contribution matters a lick. And how my remote little corner of a dust spec can possibly matter but if I’m part of this whole, then my contribution matters. As does yours. And the more pieces that function fully the more richly expressed is the power of God.

How about this with you cup of coffee?


This seems to have some congruency with the Buddhist’s Noble Eightfold Path [do my homework here] That of, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.