The cainine devision at ProNagger's headquarters reporting for duty.

Dogs seem to be motivated by one of three things, food (rewards), play or praise. My old hound isn’t into fetch and in his senior years I can’t get him to do much of anything BUT he will still tackle a bear for a beggin-strip. You are not so different than our canine friends.  What’s important is to know yourself. “Lean into it,”  lean into your nature.

If you work for little bites of chocolate, yeah!  Sammy, so gets your motivation.

If playing a few hands of online poker after an hour of grunt work would get you rolling, go for it. OR if you’re like me, who’s motivated by kind or encouraging words, do something like bookending where you can commit to an action and after you do it, there are people to say, “go you!”

The “I hate cooking” client does well with working for rewards. Today her assignment was to pick out a good looking (aesthetics is important to her) piece of kitchen equipment from Amazon, and print out the image. Now she’ll cook for her fancy, sparkly new kitchen tool or appliance. I can’t wait to find out what she picked out.

I know when you’re really stalled a brick of chocolate wouldn’t be incentive enough to get you moving. However, don’t neglect the power of your inner pup. Sometimes all it takes to get you going is a promise of a game of Frisbee.

What kind of dog are you?