A: Ask The Nag:

Are you struggling to figure out how to do everything on your plate? Does everything on your plate look like crusty gravy over cold mashed potatoes? Is it feeling impossible to get started and you don’t know why? Do you wish there was some tool somewhere that could help you do X? Or maybe you simply want to get your desk cleaned off once and for all….

Well my friend… I have some great news!!! You can ask the Nag! Imagine feeling confident you can tackle all the work in front of you AND have time left over for dinner with friends. Consider how wonderful it will feel to just be able to sit down and get started! Oh, the joy of having a plate with just the right amount of steaming hot gravy over homemade mashed potatoes.

I have helped hundreds of people find their personal style of motivation. My clients learn the best tools or tricks to help them accomplish any given task or goal. Those who work with me find balance and discover how it feels to beam with personal pride. I can do the same for you.

You don’t have to struggle in your office/studio all alone any more. No more wasting another weekend wishing about, but not actually doing, the project you “planned to do.” You don’t have to suffer because now you have Ask The Nag.

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BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! (did I really just write that?)

Every month, one lucky questioner will win one 30-minute strategy session with the Nag. A value of $127 but yours free “for the asking!”