Better safe than….
knock, knock….
Strike while the . . .
It’s always darkest before . . .
You can lead a horse to water but . . .    
A penny saved is . . .
What did you do with the above phrases? Did you finish them? Could you even stop yourself from resolving them?
In Felipe Fernandez-Armesto (Professorial Fellow in History and Geography at Queen Mary, University of London, and a member of the Faculty of Modern History at Oxford University) lecture series “Ideas That Shaped Mankind, A Concise History of Human Thought” he suggests that in essence, creativity or imagination is our evolutionary advantage. Next to our ability to throw things, we don’t have much going for us as a species aside from our ability to create. What does create mean? It means asking a good questions and then going about answering it. “What will that lion do next? How do I keep that fire burning? How do we pay our bills? How do we stop the oil spill?”
In the most simplest of terms, asking and resolving is what creativity is all about. We’re here because our ancestors were creative thinkers.
To begin harnessing your creativity start asking questions. Our brain will do everything it can to answer a question, resolve a problem. We really can’t stand an unanswered question, it’s an open loop we want to close. The problem comes when we have too many questions to answer all at once. It’s not that you’re not creative, like I hear so many people say, it’s that you don’t have a target you can focus on.
Give your brain a target, ask one question.

Our earliest ancestors had it easy right, they knew what question to ask. “How do I keep my offspring and I alive?”
How to ask one question.
Create an “umbrella chapter title” for your life. It’s a title to the chapter your life is in right now. As you saw above, sometimes the question is simple, it’s about survival. Ours, hopefully can go beyond primary needs.
Here’s some chapter titles from my clients:
Year of the butterfly
Time of Discovery
Living Selfishly
A time for Healing
Family first
Once you have that title you can ask…”how does this work with my chapter.” That gives you ONE question to answer. You can walk around your whole life and ask your question.  “Closet, “how do you work with my chapter?” Look at your checkbook, your relationships, your activities all from under the umbrella of your chapter. If something is  not working with your chapter do some adjustments so they work. You’ll know HOW to adjust because you’re solving one problem.
Okay, tell me if this is confusing or if there’s a part of this that doesn’t make sense, I will gladly work on being clearer.