Fun and Easy Tricks to Beat Perfectionism was the first in a series of posts about using your timer as a productivity tool. If you’re easily distracted, read on, this post’s for you.
timerHere are the rules for this ProNagger ProDuctivity game, “Mental Drift.” Start by setting your timer for 15 minutes. During this time you have to keep your mind completely on the task at hand. Any drifting and you have to set the timer back to 15 min and start again. This works really well for tasks that are unpleasant to do, or if you find them tedious or boring. A number of good things can come out of playing this game. It will motivate you to stay on task and you will actually make great forward strides. You will discover how well or poorly you are able to concentrate. You will become keenly aware of what your distractions are. If 15 minutes is too long or too short an increment of time, set the timer accordingly. Don’t cheat. If you get distracted by a text message, start over. If you find yourself starting to daydream, start over.
If you have attention challenges you may want to use some sensory dampening tools to improve your focus. Sitting in a lamplit room, using ear plugs, fans, music, or white noise all might help.