The Capital Steps: For starters, if you have not heard of the political satire group, The Capital Steps, this is a great weekend to familiarise yourself with them. “Vice President Joe Biden recently declared that their Fourth of July Radio Special is “a big @#$%ing deal,” so I think you should go listen on-air or on line.

Eat up, and up and up and up: Nothing says Independence more than the freedom to shove countless hot dogs into your cake hole just as fast as you can. But what if Takeru Kobayash the six time winner of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is a no show?  Competitive feeding seems to be very blog worthy, on sports blogs, on tonic, international food sites, and even a pet food coupon page.

Trivia Question: Three US presidents died on the 4th of July and one was born on the date. Name the four presidents. Here’s a hint

…Author David McCullough’s John Adams: I love David McCullough’s books and really LOVE his book on John Adams.

A Wiki of Dicks: It wouldn’t be the 4th of July without our politicians, some have been great like John Adams, some not so great. Some will go down in history as “dicks.” So on a  juvenile note, I present  Dickipedia – A Wiki of Dicks.” Some of their profiles are shamefully entertaining to read.

Speaking of entertaining, amateur and professional fireworks will be going off all across the United States tonight. Some of our pets, however, find all the noise very scary. I have to wonder if a “Thundershirt” could help calm the anxiety for at least our canine friends.

So here’s to suiting-up your anxious pup and enjoy the 4th. But before you grab your blankets and bug spray test your firework knowledge with this fun trivia quiz, then warm up your Ooooo and Ahhhh’s here.

Other Short Attention Span Round-Ups

To all the US visitors to, have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!