“The best productivity tools are the ones you use.” – @ProNagger

What productivity tools or systems do you use? I’m curious to hear about the apps, software and planners you use to help keep yourself moving. For example, what do you use to collect your thoughts, save appointments, stay accountable and motivated, brainstorm ideas, and even keep your shopping lists?

I’m beginning to review and share these tools and systems on the blog. And when I can, I’m interviewing the developers and/or the brains behind a methodology, as I recently did with David Allen, of Getting Things Done fame.
So help me out, tell me about what tools and systems you use and why you like them. Tell me about your favorite tried and true ones as well as something new you’re thinking about taking for a test drive. What you share just might be the very thing someone else has been looking for!



Next…What makes a great productivity tool? Help me decide on the criteria.