Here’s a creative solution a client came up with to make grocery shopping  (a dreaded task for her) a little more fun. She’s a coupon clipper but sorting and negotiating them at check-out ranked right up there with a root canal for her. She would bring coupons to the store but forget to use them, or had a mess of crumpled bits to sort through at check-out. This kind of forgetfulness and chaos did not suit her person.

1128411_37648354Solution: She comes to market armed with a roll of tape. When she finds her sale items she tapes the coupon right to it. She likes doing it, she says “it’s fun for me to hunt the store for deals, physically tape the coupon onto a box and know that the check-out people love it too!”

I am always saying “lean into your nature.” I want you  to find what’s fun or satisfying FOR YOU  When you do, you can use it to your advantage even when doing something you might not enjoy. This client doesn’t like food shopping, she’s told me as much. But she likes a good bargain, coming up with systems and feeling organized. Her coupon taping taps into her nature and tat-dah a dreaded task has moved up there to a “it’s really not so bad” task.