Remember that Nag Opportunity?

800px-2008_news_seller_NYC_USA_3025596131Included in the opportunity are free conference call sessions. Even if we have not talked yet (and given the volume of responses this could be true) you’re still welcome to join this call.

This Thursday night I will be conducting the first of the “TO-DO” calls.

For this call, it does not matter if you…

*Don’t Know What You Want To-Do

* Have Too Much (you want) To-Do


* Know EXACTLY What You Want To-Do

…Everyone is welcome.


* Thursday Night December 30th 7:00 PM ET

* Call 1 hour in duration

* Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 432-1600

* Access Code: 1085494#


* I will talk a little

* You will have an opportunity to try a 3 minute version of the Brain Dump exercise, a tool that is useful for many situations.

* We will talk about how to use the information you collected from the exercise.

* There will be opportunities throughout the call for Q&A.

An rsvp is not at all necessary but it is helpful.