[yellowbox]A Swift Kick in the Pants…Right NOW![/yellowbox]

A swift kick in the pants from a trained professional…Right NOW!

[bquote]A swift kick in the paints that will really, really, really, help you get at doing whatever you want to do right now but are simply not doing and are searching the web instead looking for a miracle, an app, an ideas ANYTHING that might get you motivated.[/bquote]

*Book a (typically same day) appointment
to work directly with Rachel. Receive your
Nano-Nag questionnaire to be filled out and
returned before your private, 5 minute,
focused action-intervention phone/skype
conversation with Rachel.
*Your Nano-Nag includes the Nano-Nag
questionnaire. A 5 minute 1:1 focused action-
intervention call with Rachel. Plus a set of
personal text message or email accountability
check-ins called Bookends.
*Book your NANO-NAG now and be more productive
in minutes! Satisfaction guaranteed.
*BOOK NOW: A single NANO-NAG is $27
or book a block of three for $70 (USD)





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