It’s Monday and time for the Goal Post. The following heroic, amazing, motivated, and willing to be publicly scrutinized individuals have shared their goals for the week with us. If you can help them or cheer them in any way, I know it would be welcomed. And, If you dare to join them, add your goal for the week to the comments below.


  • Tara Alemany I am starting to integrate Infusionsoft into the marketing of my business. By the end of the week, I’d like to have at least one marketing channel completely defined and in the system with the appropriate mailing list imported and tagged.
  • Tufail Shahzad: I am implementing MailChimp into my blog for lead generation, and actively focusing on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to grab attention of potential prospects to provide my virtual assistant services.
  • Kim Brown LaCroix: Wrap up my first contest, Quote Quest and order the first batch of “Inspired Pencils” for the inspired pencil kids.
  • Lisa Robbin Young: This week’s goal is to do the final prep for the book launch and to lay the tracks my new arrangement of “Straight Up.”
  • Kiki Lynn My goal this week is to complete my website, finalize my pattern to start production on one of my designs, complete my angels and get them all sent out and organize my office.
  • Vickie Richards: My Goal for this week launched live an hour ago! Wondering if you would take 2 minutes to watch and share—Thank-you
    A Live On-Line Streaming Project Dedicated to Saving the Lives of Rescues
  • Jill Goldman my goal this week is to contact (at least) 3 more elearning companies to offer my services as a voice-over and narration specialist.
  • Angela Price My goal this week is to follow up with a least 3 potential clients and to finish prep work for the December UNIQUE LA show.
  • Paula Mottshaw My goal for the week is to do some web site updating, based on TFM lesson 2.
  • Stephanie L. Walters My goal this week: Start promoting my 3 free videos over at for people who desire to start a business, but don’t want to write a crazy long business plan to do it! Striving for 50 email signups (wow, can’t believe I just posted that) :)
  • Kelly Green Happy Monday all! My goal this week is to finally launch my re-branded website.
  • Carol Leon Zombo I’d like to check out a new email service, write each day for the NaNoWriMo novel-writing challenge, resist Halloween candy, file my piles, vote, give comfort to the people whose candidate is going to lose tomorrow (even if we disagree with them, they have their reasons for voting as they do). Plus a bunch of other stuff…..
  • Bobbi Klein My goal is to find a sponsorship for my client Indiana Soccer by the end of this week.
  • Susan Giurleo My goal is to get all the pieces in place to launch my new workbook series next Monday.
  • Mary Nunaley My goal is to have 1/2 of our newly designed website ready by the end of the week
  • Victor Canada I haven’t been consistent with posts to my business blog. My goal this week is to get a new post up
  • Karen Griffard Putz My goal is to complete 10,000 words in my novel and 2 chapters in my non-fiction book.
  • Joel Libava I goal is to finish my PowerPoint presentation in time for my keynote address at in Orlando on Nov. 13th!
  • Tina M Tedesco My goal is to get a basic layout completed for a clients brochure design that I’ve been putting off because of lack of content
  • Margaret Jennings Fisher My goal is to figure out what this means:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/mfisher/public_html/wp-content/themes/thesis_184/custom/custom_functions.php on line 16. Then I will figure out how to fix it & have this website up before the end of the week. BTW, right now I have a major love/hate relationship with WordPress!
  • Mary Ann Sircely In addition to daily client work: new blog post, two ebook chapters, proposal for potential new client.
  • Heather Bond New web site and training posted, it’s also 5 days of free training week for me and a new skill to get up to speed with – so not much! :)
  • Cathy Tibbles My goal is to write 1 – 2 hours per day on the Copyblogger 30 Days to Write an eBook challenge