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The premise of The Virtual CoWorking Cafe, is to use positive peer pressure and the support of community to help you get your work done.  Work like writing, program development and data analysis is often a solitary job, but working alone can lead to isolation and distraction. TVCC aims to solve this problem.
Come to the cafe like you would show-up at Startbucks to work. At our cafe, however, there will be public commitments to your next actions, and feel-the-burn-excuse-free-sprints and many more tools to keep you working.
I will be running a number of these beta tests. Team Nag and I need some time to learn the technological side of this service and I need your feedback about what’s working for you and what’s not.
This is a great time to use this service. For one, it’s free for now. For another with only a few of us in each session you’ll get extra attention and support.