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Has your project stalled? Do you want tools and techniques you can REALLY use and REALLY WORK to publish your book, complete your dissertation or move a project to DONE, Starting Today? Good, now we know you’re in the right place. I got your back. I have a very narrow field of expertise. I’m your ticket to success if you’ve been pulling your hair because regardless of what you do you are NOT doing what you say you need to or want to do. A personal note to National Center For Faculty Development & Diversity…Kerry Ann’s peeps:  When you subscribe to ProNagger’s mailing list (top right of this page) I will send you a special, surprise, “Finish ANYTHING” gift. Simply send me an email once you’re subscribed (just hit reply to the first email I send you) with subject line Kerry Ann. If you like phones better than keyboards, please feel comfortable leaving me a private voice mail message and let me what’s going on. You’re not alone. There are solutions that I can show you how to implement that will actually work for you’re unique situation. You don’t have to be stuck. You don’t have to be disappointed in yourself or your effort. I will show you how to feel proud of both yourself AND your efforts…By the end of today! I mean it.     Good. Let’s get you moving and feeling better.