Keyboard on fire

You must make time for what you most want to create – simple as that. Things will get ugly if you don’t give your precious time to what matters most to you. Ugly usually shows up in the form of resentment. If you start to feel a pang of resentment anywhere in your life, don’t ignore it.

Are you feeling a little put-upon at home? Or feeling grumpy about meeting a friend for coffee? Or maybe even starting to think you have lost your love for your work, which usually gives you so much pleasure? Before you snap at anyone or hand in your resignation, examine whether or not you’ve been giving time to what you most want to create. If you do not give yourself time for what matters most to you, you will get pissy. Left unchecked, this resentment can pollute your life.

One way to stave off resentment? Carve out tiny bits of time to focus on what you most want to create. Even on the busiest day, you can claim five or ten minutes to follow your desire and keep resentment at bay. And schedule longer blocks of time to create what matters most to you, instead of leaving it for “someday.”