“When fear is our compass, our own True North will allude us.” – R.Z. Cornell

Fearful Image

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real


FEAR = F*&(^  Everything And Run

My own experience with fear is when I’m in it, I can’t do or think of anything else. It eats up all my creativity and starts to work on any little joys I might have normally taken pleasure in.

The best way to pull myself out of mild fearfulness is to encourage myself to take notice of those joys. I’m on the look out for things that would, on a more fear-free day, make me smile.

Here’s an example: Okay this might sound strange but feeding my old, arthritic, hound dog his  glucosamine/chondroitin supplement makes me smile. Covered in some peanut butter he LOVES getting his vitamins. It’s fun seeing his so excited.  Also, knowing I may be doing something that could help him feel more comfortable hits a sweet spot in my heart. So on elevated fear days, I pay close attention to my hound at vitamin giving time and do my best to let that simple pleasure soak in.

What small joy can you put extra attention on if you’re experiencing a higher than normal state of fear? It’s worth considering this question because the distraction helps you feel better and waters down the fear.  Sometimes it can get diluted enough to become a forgettable puddle.