Why do you want to make a listSloppy first draft start: 6:26AM

I’ve been grappling with the words to explain why I’m investing my time and eventually yours with a little book about to-do lists. I want be able to explain to you how a list is not so much about time management as it is the map to your vision quest. Maybe not “vision quest” that sounds like you need to take a sword to work with you.

I thought I would use this free writing time to see if I can pluck any language at all from it. Something to help me with the intro to the book.

Perhaps something will come out that I’ll be able to whittle and whittle and whittle down some more to explain, in just a few words why I think a to-do list matter, why I wrote it for you and what I long for you to have. If the gods are on my side, maybe even the words I want on the cover that convey all this and a snappy title. Too lofty a wish for 30 minutes.

My struggle is that on the surface this sounds like another productivity and time management book but I don’t think of it this way. HOW do I explain this quickly and clearly? This has been a big frustration. I think of your action list as a breadcrumb trail leading out from your hearts desire. Your path to making your most honest wants real. That’s big shit! To me it is real magic. I think of your daily lists as the first tangible link to the wants I feel are you’ve been made to make happen.

Runaway tangent: You have two wants you long to create. The first I see as bone setting. The second is flying. I often think that you can fly even with a broken bone and often the bone sets in flight. What the hell does all this mean? Clients come to me because they are stuck with a messy closet, unfinished taxes, or a burdensome project that holds them down (from flying). That’s the broken bone. Sometimes I find out what you want to fly toward so it’s easier to get the closet clean (that’s when we set the bone in flight). Sometimes you get the closet clean so it’s easier to clear a path to take off. As long as there is action there is hope. blah, blah…Lost this thread of the tangent. But there is value here I’ll revisit later. I like the sentence, “As long as there is action there is hope.”

(time out for a coffee re-heat)

Oh man, Sloppy first draft writing time is already over for now. Bummer. Well, I’ll keep my promise anyway…It’s time to publish.

end: 7:04 am

I’ll send this over to Linda now for a picture for your reading and viewing pleasure. Here’s hoping I get more time to babble later today.