A picture of Linda's (the tech admin) dog Bonzo, when he was a puppySloppy 1st draft (S1stD starting 6:06AM)

Come on brain, come join me for coffee, please. Many, many nights of sleeping on a love seat sized sofa at my father’s house is starting to catch up with me. No amount of fresh air and open windows can make up for another bad night’s sleep. I want a bed and some space! whining aside, let’s talk experts.

I was listening to another book by a pop self-helper. I listen to them all, as you know. Anything that might be useful fodder for Nagging, I will listen to. This time I will name names. It’s a Brain Tracy book, Eat That Frog. Have you read it? Lots of people like. I had to know why perfectly reasonable people wanted frog for breakfast, so I’m listening to the book.

Good concept, frog eating. But it can be hard to force yourself to do something you really rather not be doing no matter the time of day. I like thinking of your daily action that you take in the service of your dream or big vision for your life as a responsibility to something greater than yourself. That was a roller-coaster of a sentence, let me try again. I don’t want you to eat an Innocent creature, I rather you take care of one.

I want you to feed your puppy. This is a principle I came up with about the time our (now deceased) Sammy dog came into my life. Sammy didn’t care if I was tired, or feeling like I was coming down with something, or hormonal. Every day that dog wanted to go out and go potty first thing in the morning. I had to let the little bugger out even if I was running a fever. And would you believe, every morning, regardless of how busy a day I had, he expected his breakfast? My gwd. So I fed my puppy. Every. Single. Day.

As he got older it took me even longer to feed him, what with his special diet and stuffing a glucosamine supplements for his arthritic paws into a pill pocket for him. It would be up to nearly 10 minutes to get him all squared away. The nerve.

Your big project, the thing you owe it to the world to share, is your puppy. It’s not some slimy thing you have to choke down. Gross. It’s something you are a guardian of. Your “purpose” or desired outcome is a fortunate responsibility. And just like puppy care, there will be days you wont feel up to it, ready for it, have time for it, maybe even feel a little sick of it, but just like your puppy, you will still have to feed and care for it.

This is not at all where I was expecting to take today’s S1stD. I was going to talk about Brain Tracy’s suggestion to just copy what an expert is doing to get the same results as them. I think that advice has holes and I want to talk about how that advices works, until it doesn’t. But I’ve written for my allotted time. My puppy is fed and I want to reheat my coffee now.

I’m going to change the title of this post from “How jumping off bridges with experts teaches you to swim.” to “Which would you rather do, eat a frog or feed a puppy?” Or maybe I should call it, “Why eat a frog for breakfast when you can feed it to your puppy!” Eating frogs is gross, feed your puppy instead!”

How did that happen? It’s 7:03AM already, it’s time to give this to Linda to find an image for you and I’m off to Nag. By the way, I want you to know more about Linda. If you’re in a creative grey spot, she can help you see color again. If you want to know more, feel free to ask me!

Now, answer me this, do you know your puppies name? It’s alright to say no. I can help you find and name your puppy!