I can almost hear you “I do fine once you get going.” It is my responsibility, as a professional Nag, to tell you, it’s not about the starting, it’s probably about the stopping. How “fine” are you really once you get started? I have no doubt that once you get started you actually do work (probably because it’s the last minute and you need every millisecond to meet a deadline).
So yes, you are “fine” once you get going because you’re in a cold sweat hoping you can save your butt and get the project out the door before anyone notices it’s not in the hopper yet. Your brain knows this about you, too. It knows that as soon as you start, there will be no fun. No facebook, no texting or food, minimal bathroom breaks, and of course, no sleep and no life. Right. How many sane people do you know who would willingly sign up for that kind of experience? None, including you. So, you don’t start. You do all those things…facebook, texting, bathroom, bathroom again, naps and chat with friends….because YOU know that once YOU get going YOU don’t stop. So your clever brain will figure it’s best to get the fingernails clipped, the tweets out, and the web surfed before you get down to work….because it ain’t happening afterwards.

How about trying something new? What I’m about to suggest takes a little repetition but it works wonders. If you really, really, really do what I suggest, your “starting problem” is very likely to go away.

Here’s how it works. Decide on an amount of time you will work on a specific project. Start with a tiny number, maybe 10 minutes at the beginning. Give your project your full and complete attention during the allotted time. When the 10 minutes are up, STOP! Did you hear that? After those 10 minutes, STOP. Do not do just one more thing. No. Stop. Take your hands off the table. Get up if you have to. We are training you to trust your own word. Right now, you don’t really trust yourself to stop once you start. This is how you build trust; you build it by your actions. It does work. Do this a couple of times a day. The most important thing to do is stop at the very second that bell dings.

Soon, you’ll be able to tell yourself, “I’ll just start and do an hour of this”…and in fact, you will, start and do an hour of work. And it will feel sweet.

I like clients to use MacFreedom.com for this. It will lock you off of the net for a set amount of time. When you are allowed back online, go ahead and surf for a while. This will also give your brain the signal that you can both work and play. It’s safe to get started and it’s okay to have some fun.

ProNagger’s Accountability Chat is also useful for your training. Go HERE where you’ll publicly make a commitment to start doing something for a set amount of time. When time is up you’ll return to the chat and announce that you have worked for your committed amount of time and then stopped. These two tools work well together and clearly have lots of applications. Use them both often!

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