I’m participating in The Ultimate Blog Challenge. 31 posts in 31 days. It’s a great way to develop a writing practice and create some excellent content. It’s also a fine opportunity to learn more about one another. Here’s 25 arbitrary things about me. What are some arbitrary things about you?

25 (or so) arbitrary things about the Nag

1. Needles creep me out.
2. I’m big on locally grown and organic foods.
3. My father was born 85 years ago today (happy birthday dad).
4. I’m usually the shortest person in the room.
5. …Unless my father is in the room too (happy birthday dad).

...That's my dad. In the middle.

6. I have weakness for audible.com.
7. I have a mild form of narcolepsy; things like sudden loud noises, laughing hard or getting really mad can immobilize me. I literally fall down laughing.
8. My husband, Matthew Cornell, is a highly respected artist (I would say famous but he wouldn’t like me saying that).
9. I love words. LOVE.
10. …And yet, I don’t spell them very well and flip things all dyslexic like.
11. Barbara Sher is my mentor, occasional naggie and friend.
12. I’m really good at solving problems. I have the MacGyver gene.
13. I get distracted. Yep.
14. Mosquitoes like me. A lot.
15. I consider books on brain science, history, motivational and evolutionary psychology pleasure reading.
16. I still own my comfort object from childhood.
17. I love a road trip.
18. I know American sign language.
19. My husband is an identical twin. IDENTICAL. It can be freaky.
20. I haven’t eaten refined sugar for over 15 years.
21. I haven’t had any alcohol for even more years.
22. There are more pictures of my dog on my phone than anyone or anything else.
23. I love being an Auntie!
24. Baseball, the Tour de France and golf on the TV makes great writing din for me


25. I have two friends I tag nag with every day. I nag them and they…nag me!

Okay, your turn… Tell me a few arbitrary things about yourself!

3 (or more) things about you

3 (or more) things about you #blogboost
@ProNagger gets distracted too?

Happy birthday dad!!! What??? Your birthday’s on the 9th? Hahaha…Did I mention I flip things all dyslexic like?