1) Create a list of your daily activities.

You have heard it before, write it down and you’re more likely to do something. It’s true. It’s simply true.
2) Break each activity down into it’s smaller parts (write down those parts on your list)

Even with a small project, it’s great to break it down into it’s smallest parts. This might sound silly but it builds what I call MO or MOtivation.

3) Cross off items as you do them or review your list at end of day.

Nothing gets your MO on more than starting to cross items off your list. Use an electronic app that lets you check off completed items or write out your list by hand. Ticking items off makes it easier to tick the next thing off, trust me on this one.

4) Pad your list.

If you have lost your MO  then padding your list will help. Put a couple items you KNOW you will do in a day preferably items you know you’ll do early in the day, like “brush teeth.”

5) Put a doable amount of items on your list.

You’re probably not going to change the world in a day, write a whole book today, or keep to a down-to-the-minute plan. Make your list flexible and doable. This is a hard one for lots of people. You may feel like you must create an intensely ambitious list and even get jazzed writing it. But at the close of day two, or even the very first day of such lists, you end up feeling defeated. Keep your list realistic. If you don’t know what that looks like, send me a list and we can talk it over.
6) Make items you might not get to in a day a “bonus” item.

Okay, this is where those ambitious items can go. Simply make them bonus items, things you’ll do if you get the other items for the day completed.

And remember, putting things that are fun to do on your list are as (sometimes more) important as getting the toilets cleaned, or submitting a project proposal.
Do you have any tricks to use your to-do list to set yourself up for success?