Tuesday May 15 and Wednesday May 16th ONLY…

8 Sure Fire Ways to Finish What You Started.

I’ve bundled EIGHT Nag tools into this one package! I’m offering the bundle for two days, at almost nothing, so we can support one another.

I would like you to buy it, try it and share your thoughts with me on it. Pretty good deal. You get a 8 amazing tools for only 7 bucks and I get to hear how much you love it and what you want more of.

Let’s do this!

Here’s what’s in the package:

1 ) Timers 101: How, when and why to use a timer, and when not to.

2 ) Padding and Greening Your List: Just the fuel you need to keep moving forward.

3 ) The Task Menu: Create your own tapas menu of bite sized tasks.

4 ) A Time to Worry: Make a standing appointment with worry, fret, self-pity and angst.

5 ) A Letter to the Expert: The secret to getting “the” leading expert’s advice for the very challenges you are having.

6 ) How to get Your Assistant to Do the Work for You: When the going gets emotionally tough, the tough out-source.

 7 ) It’s NOT a Starting Problem: If you’re known to say, “I’m fine once I finally get started.”

 8 ) Overwhelm: How to get instant relief from being overwhelmed.


YOURS RIGHT NOW FOR $7USD……………………….Don’t you want to know how to finish what you started?

What to do first:

Click on the big click here button and be whisked away to a quick and easy login page. Then off you’ll be sent to paypal and in minutes you’ll have full access to 8 amazing tools that will help you accomplish whatever it is you want to make happen! I mean it! It feels great to succeed. There’s nothing better than actually doing what you say you’ll do. I want you to know how that feels all the time! Right now!

Even if you’re too busy to check out the program right now I would still get it. As long as you think you can comment on the tools within a week or two, I’m fine with you grabbing this deal.