It’s early morning. You have a big, beautiful dining room table set, around which sits a group of visitors. Some at your table are honored guests and others are, quite honestly, unwelcome ones.

You have company you want to spend time with, and others that are needy and are likely to monopolize your time if you’re not careful.

A very disruptive guest is asked to leave. Another is trying to push someone off a chair to take their place.

You come out of your kitchen with a huge, piping hot bowl of food. It smells delicious. You begin serving your callers but dividing the meal up evenly is not an option. Your most honored guest is robust and requires a lot of the bowl’s contents.

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You have to slap the hand of the needy little creep who keeps dipping his fingers directly into the bowl.

The chair hijacker gets lucky and ends up with the mother lode of the meal, and before you know it the bowl is empty.

Many of your guests look at you expectantly. But you have nothing left for them. You promise to feed them tomorrow.

Your 24 hour day is the bowl of food, and your projects and other time investments are the guests sitting around the table. Now, ask yourself if you could better allocate the time you dole out to your projects.

If you are not sure how best to do that, the Nag can help you.