I visited the blog Middle Zone Musings, a “lessons learned from life”
written by a down home style, natural story teller Robert Hruzek. I
encourage you to drop by his neck of the web when you get the chance.

Image of Robert's Ingredients form his website

Image of Robert's Ingredients form his website

He has a post up right now titled ” The Perils of Pumpkin Bread, Every Ingredient is Important.”

Everything that could go wrong
for Robert during the making of his Pumpkin Bread
, did go wrong.
Luckily for him, he’s got a great sense of humor and a keen eye for
taking what happened as an opportunity to laugh and learn.

The story reminds me of how important it is to see that we are always
actively involved in the creative process. Moreover, the more
aware we are of the process, the more helpful it is in our lives.
To know we have this remarkable power to create something tangible out
of something as intangible as a thought is akin to being an alchemist.

This is big stuff. We can make something REAL from something that
started out as nothing more than a wisp of a thought. It is simply

We couldn’t always do this, by the way. If you travel back far enough to
our distant ancestral past there was a time that we only responded to
our environments and did very little, if any, imagining with regard to
what might be. Imagining, it seems, is one of our first cognitive leaps
forward. Aside from our ability to throw better than most mammals, it
was our brains that kept our species alive. Brains that could predict
outcomes and imagine futures. You are creative by necessity and by nature.

If you don’t think you’re very creative or posses the power to create,
then you need to come back to ProNagger tomorrow. If you just need a
little creative shot in the arm, you will like tomorrow’s
post too.

Tomorrow I’m going to give you a chance to do a small exercise. You are
going to see that you already have the power to create inside of you.
As a matter of fact, you are very good at it, and you CAN create EXACTLY
what you want to create! Come back to the blog tomorrow with three small
items. Bring something like a pencil, a piece of typing paper and a
paper clip. Three things you can lay out flat in front of you. (this is
low vision/blind friendly exercise. If you can not physically move small
objects by yourself, please bring an assistant with you).


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