I like to use money as a way to help you think about time management….Look….If you only have 100 bucks in your pocket but have 120 bucks worth of stuff in your basket, you’re going to have to put $20 worth of that stuff back.

If you decide to use credit you are creating debt. In life, when you time debt, you take away from those things that are important and/or of value to you. You have to pull from your health account, or your friends and family account, or your personal success account. When you debt like this you’ll begin to feeling frazzled, deprived and resentful.

Are you a time debtor? What accounts are you likely to take from? If you want help figuring out where the time is being drawn from, finish these sentences:

“What I really want to have time for is…….”
“If only I had time management figured out then I could…….”

How did you finish those sentences?