If I’m So Smart, Why Do I Procrastinate?

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  • The Virtual PopUp Accountability Café provides the structure, support and accountability you need to get the work done.
  • This easily accessible online environment is designed to reduce distraction and help participants remain focused so that they can complete the projects that are important to them.
  • Membership in the café is $27 USD per month and requires a one-time orientation session fee of $197.
  • Since you attended the workshop, and are now familiar with the process we use, if you sign up during the summit, I will waive the $197 session requirement.
  • Cafe’ hours with monitor

M-F 8:15 am EST – 9:00 am EST

M-F 12:15 pm EST – 1:00 pm EST

  • Cafe’ hours with intermittent or no monitor

TBA (we are moving toward remaining open 24 hours M – F

• Have questions? You can ask them here.

Free to Barbara’s community, PopUp Productivity Program. If you’re outside the US will need to use WhatsApp to access this product. 


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