Kitchen counter top with canning jar and pot on stove with green, rosemary jelly simmering in it.6 AM

Deb decides to start this week out right, for a change. Good-bye procrastination, hello dissertation, she thinks. She pats on over to the computer, still wearing her jammies. Deb’s coffee hadn’t done a thing for her brain fog yet so she does a quick email scan. Becca has written her with “Mom’s birthday” in the subject line. “Oh crap,” Deb thinks, “I forget about Mom’s birthday.” She HAS to open this email. “Hey Sis,” it reads, “maybe you could make this rosemary jelly for Mom’s birthday, if you hurry. Let me know what you think.” Deb’s sister included a link. Deb, of course, clicks the link.

The recipe looks easy enough. Her mom’s birthday is in 3 days. If she made the jelly today, shipped it overnight tomorrow…..Yes! She has to go buy the pouch of liquid fruit pectin, but she has everything else. Deb’s garden is overflowing with rosemary. “A gift straight from my garden,” she thinks, “Mom will love this.”
Deb clicks the link about canning from the page Becca has sent her.

6 PM

“Hello new 23-quart aluminum pressure canner, cute little jars of rosemary jelly, and a messy kitchen. I can’t focus with the kitchen like this,” Deb thinks… “…Good-bye dissertation, good-bye starting the week out right.”

Poor Deb.

Don’t have a Deb Day. Do this instead…

Secret #1


Do the following –

1. Before you go to bed, set your work up so it’s the first thing that pops up on your screen. If it’s a non-computer project have everything you need set out and ready so you can hit the ground running. If you won’t be working on your project until your boy is dropped off at daycare or you get to the office, resist the inbox until you have put your hands on your project. Few things in this modern life can pull you off task faster than an inbox.

2. Leave yourself a sticky note that tells you exactly what to do first. Write this little note like you were leaving instructions to an assistant who will be doing this work for you. This is a remarkably effective trick that will help you articulate what it is you are tasking yourself to do. Taking the time to write out an assignment for your “assistant” to accomplish will make it worlds easier for you to get to work. Try it. Here’s what one client wrote me last week about this trick: “The letter to my assistant seems to have been really helpful! Do please nag me to write to her again.”

Secret #2


Imagine your project is a puppy with a bladder that’s ready to burst. A puppy with an Amazonian-sized appetite that will whine and give you the stink eye until it is fed. You would never think of neglecting or ignoring a puppy. You wouldn’t decide to go out and buy a new canner, make jelly all day and never, ever let your puppy go out to potty. You wouldn’t ignore a hungry puppy so you can clean up the distracting mess in your kitchen. Your project is your puppy. Feed your puppy.

Secret #3


Don’t go it alone. Make sure you have supportive people hold your feet to the fire and cheer you along as you take each forward step. You may be thinking “I don’t have anyone to do that for me,” or “my friends aren’t going to want to cheer my every single step.” There IS support for you though, and you can have it now. Right on I have a FREE 24/7 Accountability tool. It’s called the Accountability Chat. You can go to the page and read how it works or click play on the video below, and I’ll show you how it’s done. Then there’s always me. If you really need some hot foot accountability, maybe you want to work directly with me.

What project have you been procrastinating on? Fessing up is a powerful first step in creating momentum.