If you’re new-ish to ProNagger.com I thought it might be nice to have some of the top posts collected in one place for your reading pleasure. So here they are. Some of the most searched and read posts on the site.

• It doesn’t upset me one bit that one of the most visited posts on my site is not directly related to Nagging. It’s a post in which I define what legally blind means and explain the nature of my visual impairment.

How to be as limited as Mozart is simply a great post…If I say so myself. I feel so strongly about using what you have to become the genius that you are.

• Need focus? Try Mental music. I’ve created a Pandora station that is specifically designed to help you drop into the right head space to do your work. Check it out.

• Do you have writing you’re not getting to? Love me and hate me for this remarkably effective writing trick.

When you’re going through hell keep on going, says Winston Churchill. Here’s a slice of hell I went through and what I learned on the other side of it.

• The next couple of links are not on my site but there’s a chance if you like ProNagger then you’ll like these sites that I’ve been mentioned on. First, check out unclutterer.com

• You might also find really useful information on Inside Higher Education. You can read a current post on that site HERE.

What are the most visited posts on your site?