Hi There,

I’m doing something that might be a cool opportunity for you. I am going to use this Sloppy 1st Draft area to start the process of writing out a very special program, that until now, I’ve only offered in one on one, live sessions. What this means for you is you can use these posts to work through the program.


What you’ll be seeing here is like going to rehearsals for a play and not attending the opening night gala. No one is in costume yet, scripts are still in cast member’s hands and off stage you can hear the whirr of the set designer’s drill.

None the less, you get to see everything. Every piece of the puzzle. You can come to as many rehearsals as you want. I love having you here! I’ll even sit you beside me so you and I can share notes. If you show your face often enough, I’ll give you a VIP ticket to that big opening night gala.


At the start of the new year I get an influx of clients who want to be taken through my Create YOUR Year Intensive. Clients enjoy being walked through my fun, road tested method for teasing out exactly what they want the most in the coming year and how to make their deepest desires a reality. Lastly the exclusive intensive teaches and supports clients so they can maintain focus, energy, and drive throughout the life of their projects.

There are three parts to the intensive.

1. Know what you want.
2. Learn how to create it.
3. Keep yourself engaged and focused throughout the life of your projects.

I suspect I will write down the intensive in the order I present it when sharing it live. Although, I reserve the right to jump around.

Hope this is fun and rewarding for us both.