Today is Independence Day in the United States. A day filled with parades, fireworks and grotesque hotdog eating contests. Those things aside, it’s also a holiday which commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Painting by Washington Irving

Enough talk about nations birthday though, let’s talk about you

What would you like to declare your independence from. From addiction, excess weight, or maybe a late night weakness for Seinfeld reruns. Go ahead, consider this for a second. I’ll wait.

Declaring is the important first step. It can raise your heart rate and get you off the sofa but it’s still just the decision for what  comes next. The doing.

What are you willing to do to make your decoration real? Don’t commit to too much. If you disappoint yourself you create a cycle of failure and that’s not cool.

You don’t have to have the WHOLE answer today. You just have to make one small choice. Want health, agree to march in place while you brush your teeth in the morning. Want to be a writer? Sit in front of a piece of paper for 5 minutes every day starting at 8:00 AM. Start at a point that you know you will take the action. The size of the action does not matter.

Do you have something you want to declare you independence from?