How to get things done when you’re focus challenged!

Tomorrow I’m going to be doing an interview with this cool woman who lives in Paris named Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu . She has a website called One Roast Vegetable. It’s a membership site about cooking yummy veggies and so, so much more.  Below are the details about the interview and how you can listen and even ask me a question.

Free Teleclass  RachelTheProNagger2

For my One Good Idea interview series, I have invited Rachel Cornell from to chat about uniqueand creative ways we can get ourselves organized and to achieve more, even if we’re distracted or have ADD.

Rachel’s an expert in helping people apply unusual and often fun methods of having a sense of accomplishment in one’s life. She offers ideas on how to focus on a task, your work, or an exam.

Rachel is going to be a pretty fabulous guest because she’s all about going BEYOND the ‘labels’ we give ourselves. She’s the first legally blind visual artist to receive an MFA in visual arts from the University of Michigan. Cornell is owner of The ProNagger: Converting Procrastination into Action, a micro-coaching and group consulting service. She’s also author of upcoming books: You Don’t Have to be Disabled to have Crippled Thinking, and The ProNagger’s Guide to Converting Procrastination into Action: Tricks and Tools to Make Your Life Work, Your Way.

Rachel’s going to answer questions like:

  • I feel like a loser because I can never get anything done. How can I get something, anything done?

  • I can’t focus at the office, what can I do?

  • If that person clicks their pen again I’m going to scream, what can I do to deal with these kinds of distractions.

  • I’m ALWAYS late. It drives my family crazy and it makes me look bad at work, what can I do about it?

  • I cannot find a thing in my wallet/handbag, am I hopeless or is there something I can do?

This f’ree teleclass will be held Tuesday, September 22nd @ 1:00 pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific.

>> To register for this call, go to the Market page and then click on “Free Teleclass.”

All best,

Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu, BA, BEd, MFA
Owner & Head Tomato