A pile of journals and notes

If you’re currently recording your thoughts in notebooks and electronic notes and on Post-It Notes and scraps of paper, you may be losing track of your great ideas. Instead, you want a method that allows you to collect all your needed tasks, fleeting thoughts, and brilliant ideas in one easy-to-retrieve place.

If you’re a visual learner/thinker or a kinesthetic one, you may like using a Bullet Journal. See the Bullet Journal process beautifully demonstrated by creator Ryder Carroll at www.bulletjournal.com.

The Bullet Journal technique has been useful for many of my clients. For instance, one found that her feelings of overwhelm decreased markedly, simply because she had a better grasp of both her to-do list and her wide-ranging insights and interests.

Thanks to Paula J. Kelly for introducing me to this tool, after she was directed to it by Patti Digh.